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Sated: Transition to the Keto Diet with a Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

SatedMore and more people are turning to the Keto diet to lose and maintain weight. The low-carb lifestyle is growing in popularity, but making the change requires a real effort. Preparing meals ahead of time can be tedious and finding a healthy meal replacement shake can be difficult.

Sated offers an entire meal in a shake that is Keto-friendly, minus the additives, carbs, and sugars found in many other shakes.

Each Sated meal replacement shake carries as much protein as three eggs, more fiber than a bowl of oatmeal, and only 1.3 net carbs per serving. The replacement shake is also high in healthy fats while offering 18 grams of protein. There are three grams of probiotic fibers to help keep your stomach healthy and feeling full. No sugar is added to the recipe and each Sated shake is also gluten-free.

Right now, Sated comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors. The team behind the meal replacement shake hopes to offer more flavors, including peaches and cream, root beer float, mocha, green tea latte, and peanut butter cup.


Sated’s first edition came in a powder form. After receiving feedback from customers, the team decided to produce a ready-to-drink version.

You won’t be able to change your lifestyle overnight. Learning how to prepare your meals ahead of time will be time-consuming. Pick up some Sated shakes to make the transition a little easier. At least this part will be easy and delicious.