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Safely Haul Gear for Fun and Work with the TailGator Truck Bed Extender

I’ve never used a power tool in my life. But, I have attempted to carry a hodgepodge of items in a truck before. It can get messy – and dangerous – quickly. For many people who use their truck for work and for fun, hauling items around can get surprisingly difficult, despite all the room. Without properly securing what’s in the back, you risk breaking tools, losing the load, or even hurting yourself. Even tying down items or tools in back can be risky, especially if the rope becomes loose while you are on the road. Hauling anything in a truck can quickly turn into an unsafe situation.

TaTailGatorilGator and its specialized attachments allows you to easily and safely haul very specific items in your truck bed: lumber, plywood, tools, and much more. There’s a special rack for bicycles and kayaks, and a mobile construction workstation attachment. With the mobile workstation, you can add your circular saw and other power tools to the back of your truck and get to work on the go. TailGator gives you options for work or fun, while also staying organized and safe.

When extended from the cab, the TailGator stretches to three feet but can be further extended to five feet. It’s made with rolled carbon steel and has a max load of 300 pounds.

It will take you only about 30 minutes to install the TailGator, and once it’s ready to go, you can choose from more than 50 different combinations with the attachments. It doesn’t matter if you’re building with your hands, or heading out of town for fun – the TailGator will do all your heavy lifting.