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Retail’s Top Data Scientists Converge on Bentonville for the Area’s First E^HACKATHON

In June of last year, Supplier Community teamed up with the startup OneStone, to help eCommerce professionals up their game in the online selling sphere. Since then, we’ve held three successful #eCommCollabathons in the Bentonville/Rogers area. Now, On March 26th, OneStone Solutions Group partners with data scientists from Edge by Ascential, Flywheel Digital, and other leaders within the U.S. eCommerce space to deliver a Walmart-centric workshop for domestic Walmart suppliers, right here in Bentonville. In addition to this E^HACKATHON, events are being held in New York, London, and Los Angeles throughout the first 6 months of 2019.

Since the inception of Grocery Pickup, Walmart’s suppliers have struggled to understand what % of their product sales originate through the Grocery Pickup website and app. As Walmart’s Grocery Pickup continues to gain momentum, suppliers are looking to right-size their focus and attention against this rapidly growing channel.

The OneStone team will share formulas, utilizing data readily provided to suppliers by Walmart, to triangulate sell-through velocity, identifying a statistically significant percentage breakout between online Grocery Pickup vs. front-of-store checkout.

OneStone, led by Meagan Bowman and Bill Waitsman, has offices in Bentonville, Denver, Seattle, and Minneapolis. Founded in 2017, OneStone is a group of passionate practitioners (programmers, supply chain analysts, data scientists, and engineers) focused on building customized tools and executing automated processes to transform the clients’ eCommerce business into a competitive advantage. A multi-platform agency, OneStone runs a variety of online selling platforms alongside their clients – from to Amazon,, eBay, Alibaba,, Instacart, etc.

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