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Reduce Food Waste with Silo, the Smart Vacuum System

SiloI like to think that I’m going to eat all of the spinach I purchased at the grocery store this week. But it’s more likely that it will stay in the package and rot before I’m able to enjoy a salad. About one third of all food is wasted. Some families turn to vacuum-sealed products to help prolong their groceries’ useful lives, but many are bulky or simply don’t work.

Silo improves the traditional vacuum-seal process with new and updated technology. Each Silo system comes with a platform base that removes air from the bottom of the storage container. This process allows you to seal liquids, something that is impossible with other vacuum-seal methods. Using Silo will extend the life of your produce by at least five days, and in the case of some foods, much longer.

If you are curious about the life span of your produce, simply ask. Silo actually has Amazon Alexa built in. Users can ask Silo about the freshness of foods inside the containers. Silo can also keep an inventory of what is inside the containers to help you manage your refrigerator and pantry. That information is relayed to Silo’s companion app, which then gives you a best-by date. The app also offers storage suggestions for different types of foods.

It’s simple to vacuum-seal foods with Silo. Just place the foods inside the storage containers and then place the container on the top of the platform base. Press down and the air is sucked out in seconds. Each Silo container is made with Tritan TM plastic. This material is BPA-free, safe for the dishwasher and microwave, sturdy, and stackable. You can purchase containers in various sizes and use them over and over again. Silo comes in either black or white.

Silo has already been tested within a beta community. Those included in the pilot run have praised Silo, saying the system allows them to eat healthy without wasting money or food. Having a Silo system in your kitchen will make life a little easier and less wasteful.