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Put More Money in Your Pocket: STAT Recovery Services Case Study #3

With each client we engage, STAT’s first goal is to provide value. We possess a unique set of cross-functional expertise within Accounts Payable, not available to other recovery audit firms. Over three weeks we will explore three case studies which illustrate what we’ve done for our clients. Please reach out to us to get a no cost, no risk analysis of your account to see what we can recover for you.

Client 3 – Health and Beauty – Post Audit and Supply Chain Deductions
Annual Revenue with Walmart: $75M – $100M
• Annual Deductions: $1M – $1.2M
• Previous Annual Payback Amount: $200K – $250K
• STAT’s Recoveries: $1.3M

The client originally asked us to help them with post audit deductions. Due to the seasonality of their merchandise, post audit claims peaked in the first few months of the year. We were quickly able to avoid approx. $500K in post audit deductions. We continued to aggressively pursue their post audit claims, with over $1M in charges being avoided or recovered, and another $500K we are currently pursuing.

With a better than average supply deduction and payback rate, the client felt that there was nothing left to go after. We analyzed their transactions and recovered over $300K for them. We’re currently working on another $300K recovery for their more current transactions.

Contact STAT Recovery Services to set up a free audit and see what you could recover.