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Pix: Display Art, Send Messages, and Signal a Turn on Your Backpack

PixIn modern society, we use our accessories to stand out and to communicate who we are. Logos, tattoos, and hairstyles are all ways we let others know who we are and what we like. But what if you could get your message across in another way? What if you could literally wear your mood on your back?

Pix is a new backpack that not only holds your stuff, but also lets you express yourself. Using an app, a battery pack, and a screen built into the face of your backpack, you can communicate pretty much anything you want to say, at any time, and change it at a moment’s notice.

To begin, Pix really is a fully-functional backpack that holds everything you need in a typical day. This 27L pack has separate compartments for a 15” laptop, iPad or tablet, mobile phone, chargers and cables, and a water bottle. A key leash keeps those handy and accessible. Empty, Pix weighs just over one pound. It’s not waterproof, but it is water resistant, and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

PixNow the fun part! The main surface area on the back of the pack contains a screen. Using the app, widgets, Bluetooth, and add-ons, you’ll be able to display just about anything you can imagine-from emoji and pre-selected images, time, temperature and weather, to something custom you create yourself.

Pix can even keep you safe when cycling the city streets. The optional cycling remote lets you indicate turns, and when you slow down, it automatically displays a stop signal.

Pix comes in five colors: black, grey, pink, blue, and yellow. The flexible screen is durable and won’t break when bent. Pix is dry-cleanable and made of Cordura Nylon, a rugged fabric frequently used in military and motorcycle contexts.