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Pivo: Enhance Your Smartphone’s Creative Capabilities

PivoPeople are getting more and more creative with their smartphones. You can make videos, photos, GIFs, and specialized content with the proper technology and programs. But finding user-friendly tools can be difficult. If you are interested in starting a vlog or growing your own online content, you’ll need to find the right technology to bring your project to life. That’s where Pivo comes in.

Pivo is an interactive pod that enhances your smartphone photography. By simply placing your smartphone on the rotating device, you can capture different angles with specialized settings. Pivo’s pod works with a companion app that allows you to choose between 12 different features and 9 quick modes.

Users can get really creative with these unique modes and features. The “versus” mode allows you to create a battle between two or more people. ManyMe allows you to duplicate multiple versions of yourself. There is a standard panoramic mode in addition to the “tiny planet” feature. This allows you to take a picture that resembles a small world.

Pivo’s app offers more than just photography settings. You can do time lapses of both videos and photos. Users can also select the auto-follow mode. Once your smartphone is placed on the rotating pod, the device will follow you as you walk around. It’s perfect for users working on their own online cooking show or how-to instructional videos. Pivo has a full 360 degree turntable, offering the capability to follow you just about anywhere. You can also livestream your work directly through the app to your social media accounts.

There are also several different ways you can actually snap a photo. Pivo comes with a handheld remote, but there are also features that allow you to snap a picture by saying “cheese” or snapping your fingers. You don’t have to be close to the device to get work done.

Users can also pick up an all-inclusive Pivo kit. This includes a GoPro mount, an additional turntable, and a lightbox. All smartphones are compatible with the Pivo device. These are all tools that can enhance your online content. Pivo charges through a MicroUSB port.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a social media guru, Pivo allows you to find your inner creative streak and have fun with technology. Now the only challenge you’ll face is figuring out the correct way to pronounce GIF.