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Pigzbe Teaches Kids About Finances and Cryptocurrency

We live in a digital world. Adults can connect with loved ones, read the latest headlines, and even check their bank accounts from their smartphones or tablets. As our world continues to evolve digitally, it’s important for our children to learn how technology can impact their daily lives. Pigzbe is device that lets your child learn about digital finances while playing games.


There are four different elements that come together to create the Pigzbe experience. The device itself is light pink and features two buttons on either side. A screen offers messages and notes to the user. There are two different companion apps, one for adults and one for children. With the parent app, adults can track their children’s progress and send allowances as a reward. Parents can also schedule regular chores to be completed. The children’s app carries all the games and challenges. Kids can also see their “money tree” grow as they complete challenges and earn cryptocurrency.

The creators of Pigzbe have created a special cryptocurrency called Wollo. It’s an easy user-interface that all family members can use. Each Pigzbe device is automatically loaded with 200 Wollo. The cryptocurrency is used to make in-house purchases within the game. You can also use Wollo to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. All you need is Pigzbe’s Family Payment Card. You can also make purchases with a Wirex Visa card.

Kids as young as six can begin to learn the value of a dollar, how to create a budget, and the importance of savings. Pigzbe allows parents to use technology to educate their children about finances. Tackling a difficult life lesson is a little easier when you can have a little fun.