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Pianu: Music Lessons for the Modern Age

photo-original (20)If you’re like me, then you took piano lessons as a kid. Whether it was forced by my mother or inspired by a sincere desire to master a musical instrument is debateable. All I know is that at a certain point in my life, piano lessons ceased, and video games took over. There’s a couple things I realize: if I had spent as much time playing the piano as I did video games I’d have mastered Bach’s inventions (with a few of my own), and that if Guitar Hero was any indication of real world skill I would be Eddie Van Halen. Unfortunately, Guitar Hero’s colorful buttons and pop-rock playlist doesn’t produce any musicians by itself. Pianu is an affordable, entertaining, and user friendly experience that develops actual musicianship.

Pianu is a web based ecosystem that connects and communicates with MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) devices. To utilize Pianu, they offer a subscription library of tutorials on both popular and classical piano songs. With Pianu, devices are USB connected keyboards and pianos. Pianu’s browser communicates with MIDI keyboards with an interface similar to the in-game features of Guitar Hero. In order to make their ecosystem more accessible, Pianu offers a rollout MIDI keyboard. This keyboard is MIDI functional, with real feeling keys, and a flexible build that allows the user to play on virtually any surface. The Pianu keyboard is so flexible that it can be rolled up like a mat.

ad4bdbf3397ecd4b474b531ec2eb780e_originalNow when you get that video game urge, you can roll out your fully functioning five-octave piano. Plug the Pianu keyboard into your computer and pull up the browser. You can play in a learning mode, where you learn to play your favorite songs, or a real-time play mode once you’ve mastered it.  As the notes fall from the top of the screen, you follow along with your keys to play the song. It’s that easy. While bright and shiny, Pianu is not doing away with timeless classical instruction. It is simply a reimagining of musical education.