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PepsiCo Outperforms Rivals as It Ramps Up Healthy Food and Drink Lines

PepsiDespite steadily declining soda sales, PepsiCo finished strong in 2016, as the company continues to ramp up its healthier food and beverage offerings and innovation projects. According to CEO Indra Noovi, PepsiCo led U.S. innovation retail sales, boasting more than 17%, higher than the next four companies combined.

PepsiCo’s healthier transformation is in response to a consumer driven move toward fresh, clean food – a change that Big Food executives believe is a permanent spending shift rather than a passing fad.

“In the home market, PepsiCo continues to outperform rivals. Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi told analysts during a conference call that while the company represents less than 10% of retail food and beverage sales in the U.S., it drove 18% of sales growth for the category last year.”