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Origamei: A Wrinkle-Proof Travel Dress for Minimalists

OrigameiImagine always having a change of clothes with you, no matter where you go – not just grubby jeans and a t-shirt, but an elegant dress, in a classic color, that goes from work to drinks effortlessly.

Origamei is that dress. It comes in three styles and three colors that fold into their own carry bag, fit just about anywhere, and take up almost no space.

First, choose your style. The Kiku is a fun, sleeveless tent dress suited to outdoor, summer events. The Yuri is a layered dress that looks like a top and skirt, and really works for work. And the Momo is a t-shirt dress that is perfect for more casual occasions.

Then, pick your color. All three styles of Origamei dresses come in black, navy, and burgundy. (More colors are on the way, depending on demand.)

The Origamei dress is made of a wrinkle-resistant, breathable fabric that is moisture-wicking and lightweight. It requires no ironing, just wash and dry, and it’s stretchy, so movement is no problem.

Each dress comes folded into its own carrying case with a handy, rust-proof keyring attached. To wear, simply unfold and put on. To stow away, fold lengthwise along the seams, then in half, and in half again. Tuck the dress into the pocket, and you’re ready to clip it onto your bag, stow it in your car, or carry it on its own as a stylish clutch. There’s a pocket for your phone, and you can clip your keys to the carabiner keyring.

Origamei’s pockets can easily accommodate your iPhone, keys or money. Origamei dresses are classic and work on their own in warmer months, or with a jacket or sweater in cooler ones. Order one, or a pack of two or three.

Each Origamei dress is 90% polyester and 10% Spandex. Folded, the carry-case dimensions are 7”x5”x2.75”, and each weighs less than one pound.