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Old School Meets the Future with Tesmo, the Wirelessly Charging Planner

TesmoSmartphones can be used to manage your professional and personal lives. There are multiple apps that allow you to check appointments, surf social media, and schedule a video chat. But these apps can waste your battery life. If you don’t plan ahead, you might find yourself out and about with a dead smartphone.

Tesmo allows you to wirelessly charge your phone while managing your hectic schedule.

Tesmo is a one-of-a-kind wireless charger, planner, and power bank. Many professionals keep appointments logged in their smartphone. But there are many benefits to writing down your schedule in a planner – especially when your planner can rejuvenate your smartphone. Each Tesmo planner carries a wireless charger that is equipped for 7.5W for iPhones and 10W for Androids. This charges your phone faster than an average lightning cord.

A 8000mAh battery is embedded in Tesmo’s back cover. In addition to the wireless charger, a power bank is available. Tesmo’s power bank comes with three different USB cords. The battery can be fully charged in four hours and can charge your phone three times.

Tesmo’s planner allows any professional or student to manage schedules and appointments. The page are divided by month, week, and day. Once you finish using the pages in your planner, you can easily order pages for a new year. In addition to the planner pages, Tesmo offers card, pen, and note pockets. Each planner is made with premium PU leather and comes in tan or grey.

Tesmo is more than just a wireless charger. This unique planner allows you to stay connected while managing your work and personal life.