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NILS: A Fashionable, Double-Duty Wearable for Both Men and Women

NILSCharging cables are necessary to modern life. So is personal-statement jewelry. We all have a piece we love, for one reason or another. So imagine how cool it would be if a beautiful piece of jewelry you wear all the time was actually a charging cable. Well, thanks to the durability and functionality of Kevlar, your favorite piece of personal jewelry can now serve double-duty.

NILS is a braided-leather bracelet with a hidden secret. In its clasp is a USB connector on one end, and your choice of Lightning, Type C, or Micro USB on the other. Wrap the cable around your wrist, clasp the magnetic ends together, and you have a stylish braided leather bracelet that looks good on everybody, and with everything but the most formal attire.

Thanks to the durability of Kevlar and the strength of N52 Rare Earth magnets, the NILS charging bracelet is always nearby, ready to power your devices using a standard charger, portable power bank, or car adapter.

NILS comes in four sizes, to fit just about everybody, from tiny to not so tiny. Order yours in XS, Small, Medium, or Large. Charging wires are braided with Kevlar to discourage fraying and breakage.


Choose your favorite clasp color: matte black, matte gunmetal, matte silver, or matte champagne gold. Then, pick your bracelet color: black, green, brown, blue, teal, rose, or white. Choose a single wrap, or a double wrap. NILS uses cruelty-free, vegan leather in each bracelet. NILS is water resistant, and a strong magnetic clasp discourages loss.