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Narwal: The Self-Cleaning Vacuum That Lets You Keep Your Floors Clean Without Lifting a Finger

NarwhalRobotic vacuums are a gift from heaven. It’s a simple tool that helps busy families keep a clean home without putting in a lot of effort. But despite its simplicity, homeowners still need to clean the vacuum itself and follow up with a mop. Frustrated by the continuous chores, the team behind Narwal invented the world’s first self-cleaning, robotic vacuum and mop.

Narwal looks just like a traditional robotic vacuum. The device features a circular shape and has a home charging port. One charge will last for about three hours. That same charging station also cleans the vacuum when not in use. There is a two bucket system that separates clean water from used water. The five liter tank can cover up to 2,150 square feet in just three hours. A built-in pump cleans the bottom of the vacuum while a ventilation system keeps germs from multiplying.

There are two triangular-shaped spin mops on each Narwal device. These pads wipe up dust and remove stubborn stains on the floor without damaging the material. Narwal is powered by a 1800Pa motor, which is pretty quiet. Narwal puts out a low sound, registering as 45 decibels. You won’t even notice it’s there.

Narwal doesn’t just listlessly move around your home. The device uses Lidar navigation technology to adapt to your home and learn which areas need to be cleaned more often. Users can also use a companion app to schedule certain cleaning sessions and to map out which areas inside your home need to be cleaned. Smart sensors allow Narwal to navigate around furniture and other no-zone designated areas. There are also cliff sensors that prevent Narwal from leaping to an early death from a flight of stairs. This is one smart vacuum.

Narwal is a perfect addition to any household. The groundbreaking device can help busy parents and older homeowners keep their home looking clean and tidy without lifting a finger.