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NanoPen: A Tiny EDC Pen That Writes and Opens Boxes

NanoPenSometimes, you just need a pen. Even though we all carry tiny, massively powerful supercomputers with us everywhere we go, you can’t write with a phone. Think about how many times a day you have to write something down. And still, many of us never have a pen handy.

Enter the tiny, indestructible NanoPen. This minuscule waterproof, fireproof, crushproof everyday carry (EDC) tool takes up almost no space whatsoever in your stuff. Coming in at 4.5 grams, it weighs less than an old-school house key, and is about the same size, measuring just 50mm long.

Use it as a zipper pull on your jacket or backpack. Wear it on your lanyard with your security badge, or hang it from a pretty chain like a piece of jewelry. Loop it onto your keyring and carry it with your keys. Stick it in your pocket. Or hook it onto your belt loop. No matter how you choose to carry NanoPen, it will pretty much never be in your way.

NanoPen’s cap unscrews from the rest of the pen, so you never have to worry about losing the lid, either. When you’re done, just screw it back together.

NanoPenNanoPen’s case is made of super-strong aircraft grade aluminum. Inside, a stainless-steel spring keeps the tungsten rollerball constantly in contact with your writing surface. The attached keyring is also made of stainless. And because the rollerball is so strong, you can use it in place of a knife or scissors to open all sorts of boxes and packages, and it still maintains its smooth writing ability.

NanoPen is available in packs of three, and is non-refillable. Each ink cartridge lasts about two years, depending on use. NanoPen comes in a single color: black.