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MyHangover, the Hands Free Solution for “Text Neck”

myHangoverIn the last few years our phones have replaced a variety electronics. We use them for calling, texting, gaming, and even reading. Most people spend an average of seven and a half hours a day with their heads bent over their phones or tablets.

According to a 2014 CNN article, this posture can lead to various head, neck, and shoulder problems commonly referred to as “Text Neck.” Fortunately, “Text Neck” can be avoided by holding mobile devices at a safe angle and not slumping forward with the head down.

MyHangover is a flexible phone and tablet stand that was designed to help you avoid the need to keep your head in a constant downward position when using electronic devices.

An adjustable base design makes it easy to slide behind furniture, yet sturdy enough to stand on its own. The upper neck and arm of myHangover can be positioned in three different ways to hold devices in front of or above you. The adaptable frame will accommodate all smartphones and tablets up to 10 inches.

myHangoverMyHangover gives you eye-level access and frees up counter space when you need your tablet to follow a recipe. It lets you watch movies while keeping your hands free so you can beat the kids to the popcorn. It also makes video chats more relaxed and effortless — no more aching shoulders or hands that go numb while you hold your phone or tablet in place.

MyHangover lets you maintain your busy social life, enjoy video, keep up with the latest in home cooking – all with a comfortable pain-free posture.