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Murray Reel: The Fishing Rod and Tacklebox in One

Murray ReelFishing is a great family pastime. But think of this: a family of four would require four fishing rods and a tackle box full of supplies. Unless you have a large vehicle, trying to get all this to fit can be a task. Then you get to the fishing place and catch a big one, only to watch your pole snap.

Rivers to Seas has come up with a compact solution to your fishing troubles. The Murray Reel is a travel fishing reel and tackle box that helps save space in your garage and in your car. It is only 7.5 inches long and can be stored almost anywhere.

The tackle box that is attached to the reel has enough space to hold your hooks, bobbers, and weights without the hassle of carrying any additional piece of equipment. This allows you to climb to your secret fishing spots without all the extra bulk.

The travel fishing reel is easy to use. There are no mechanical parts to figure out. You simply pull out some of the line, swing it to cast, and point the reel in the direction of your line. When you are ready to bring it in, just wrap the line around the reel.

Rivers to Seas’ Murray Reel can help solve the problems of bulky fishing equipment and may become a new travel necessity.