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Morus Zero Uses Dehydration Technology to Save Energy and Dry Your Clothes Faster

Morus ZeroSummer has officially arrived. That means that your electric bill will continue to increase along with the temperatures. Cutting back on laundry would help you lower your electric bill during the warmer months – but you still need clean clothes each week. Morus Zero uses a unique technology to quickly and efficiently dry your clothes without using excessive amounts of energy and without damaging fabrics.

Morus Zero is a small, energy-efficient dryer that can fit on your countertop. The power-packed dryer uses vacuum and dehydration technology to tumble and dry your clothes in just 15 minutes. Each Morus Zero dryer uses a special motor that allows water to evaporate at a higher speed while also lowering the pressure inside the dryer. This means that your clothes dry faster and with less electricity. These dryers use 40 percent less energy compared to traditional electric or gas dryers.

In addition to drying your clothes, Morus Zero has a built-in UV sterilization system. This kills all the bacteria in your clothing without using toxic chemicals. You also won’t have to worry about mold with this dryer. The device’s ventless design dispenses leftover water into a tank, rather than releasing the water into the air as steam. When the tank is ready to be emptied, you will receive a notification.

Morus Zero’s moisture sensor system will cut off the dryer once your clothes are dry. The dryer’s menu has a timing clock and temperature gauge. Morus Zero’s technology will also protect your clothing from high temperatures, so there’s no need to worry about shrinking sweaters.

While Morus Zero isn’t as large as a traditional dryer, you can still fit plenty of clothing inside. One Morus Zero drum can fit up to six shirts at once. You can mix and match up to five or six different pieces of clothing, depending on the size. There are three different motors inside, which allows an auto reverse tumble. This method will dry your clothes evenly without leaving any wrinkles behind.

Even if you aren’t looking to save on your electric bill, Morus Zero is a perfect solution for those in smaller apartments or RVs. Traditional dryers are difficult to install and usually take several hours. To use a Morus Zero dryer, simply plug it into the outlet and push start. It’s a simple way to manage your laundry while using less energy.