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Mamachic, the Mama’s Scarf That Does Everything

690be3d72bdd39669635b08afbb61d32_originalMamachic is a scarf designed by a mama, specifically for mamas. Following the birth of her child, creator Angela Tsai found herself in need of a versatile, eco-friendly garment that actually looked good and performed its intended function well. Mamachic was born of her search for a multi-function, organic, and sustainably made solution.

After having a baby, mamas find themselves going from a chic little purse to an oversized, bag known as “The Diaper Bag.” “The Diaper Bag” is a permanent shoulder accessory any time said mama leaves the house, it is rarely stylish, and is generally overstuffed. Mamachic will not do away with it altogether, but will effectively eliminate so much of what has to be hauled around. It functions as a nursing cover, burp rag, swaddling blanket, as well as a head or neck scarf or even a shirt. (Yes, mothers of infants actually carry a spare shirt for themselves, and a full change of clothes for baby. At all times.) These are all uses for this ingenious wrap.

92238907d219e220ab8da6b214f68f30_originalIt works by utilizing strategically placed, snap buttons that are CPSIA approved safe-for-children. Placed in four  areas of the garment, these snap buttons allow simple, one handed change ups from nursing cover to burping cloth.  Perhaps best of all for new moms struggling to adapt to their changed bodies, it is stylish. I have not seen many products that are so versatile in a child care sense, with the specific acknowledgment that new moms still want to be fashionable.  Truly, the reasons to own a Mamachic are nearly as distinctive as individual mamas.

Available in four color combinations, the eco-friendly bamboo fabric is breathable like cotton, fully machine washable and durable, and actually becomes softer the more it is washed.  Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mamachic is available for pre-order online.