Charles Kochel, Director of Marketing at WhyteSpyer has a long history of listening to understand his client’s goals, objectives, doable budgets, and timelines to accomplish these goals. His 19 years of experience as a wealth manager serves the supplier community well.

Effective communication is his responsibility. He’s the first touch at WhyteSpyder, articulating who they are, what they do, and why it’s important to the businesses they serve. He helps clients and potential clients identify problems they are trying to navigate and simply and efficiently presents to his expert teams in client innovation, UX insights and analytics, and account services a snapshot of where they are currently positioned, where they want to go. They, in turn, present solutions to the problem. His goal is to provide enough resources for retail suppliers to make an educated decision realizing if WhyteSpyder is the best fit for their business.

Kochel utilizes a strict process of prioritizing what matters most to the client, and does this first. Then organizes, these priorities and places them on a timeline for his teams to create and implement a plan with specific guidelines and deadlines.

Kochel brings more than 19 years consulting experience and cross market collaboration having worked with fortune 100 companies CitiGroup, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. Kochel brings a unique skillset to the supplier community – listening, communication, and collaboration.

ABOUT WhyteSpyder:WhyteSpyder is an approved content service provider for Walmart, helping retailers and retail suppliers set up, manage, and optimize product data and content on,, and other e-commerce platforms. We use any distribution technology accepted by retailers that is beneficial for manufacturers and their agencies. Learn more about WhyteSpyder by calling 479-287-4006 or visiting

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