Stephanie Funk is CEO of Funk & Co., off-site CMO for midsized companies which need the expertise and brand ownership of the position but are not ready to hire someone to fill the role full-time. Using the Klaviyo platform, her company Manages the email marketing strategy and day-to-day campaign execution and reporting for her clients.

Stephanie began her career in the marketing agency world, moved into blogging, and then returned to the agency world to lead her own start-up. As a popular blogger (her site grew to be one of the top sites for tech tools for parents), she speaks to bloggers in a way that other agencies can’t, and her background in social marketing gives her the experience to help brand marketers move the needle with consumers through influencers.

In 2012 Stephanie launched onto the national scene with a wildly successful campaign for Using her relationships and expertise, she then secured startup funds to open the doors of her own influencer marketing agency, Acorn: The Influence Company which she ran from 2014 to 2016. During its lifetime, Acorn created successful campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, Kimberly Clark, P&G and many other major corporations.

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