Rachelle Sanders is founder of Boutique Business Solutions, which provides critical support to small and midsize suppliers, customized to meet their specific needs, allowing BBS to embrace the main principle of the retailers they support. Since starting the business in 2008, Rachelle has consulted for various suppliers on all analytic aspects of their Walmart Inc. business relationships.

Rachelle is a Northwest Arkansas native with over 20 years of experience centering on the multiple facets of successfully managing suppliers’ Walmart business. She has worked for a number of major supplier companies, utilizing Retail Link even before it became the web-based version used today. Over the years, she honed her analytical skills through her roles with these companies, until she landed at Walt Disney Consumer Products, her last directly-employed supplier, where she successfully managed several analyst and thousands of items across multiple categories.

Currently, Rachelle also acts as a senior expert for Supplier Community where she develops training content and teaches Retail Link courses for all proficiency levels.

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