Michelle Gramling’s Arkansas roots run deep — she’s worked in the Bentonville area for over 18 years in a Marketing and Business Development capacity. Her experience includes work for United Built Homes, Ivie & Associates, and Studio Squared. Six years of her career have been spent as an agency contractor for Walmart on the Marketing Floor. As Associate Director of Account Management at Tilt Creative + Production, Michelle is the bridge between Richmond-based TiltCP and Bentonville. While operating out of Virginia offers you new talent and perspectives, the strong relationships Michelle maintains within Walmart are crucial to client-focused creative innovation. She is intimately familiar with Walmart’s culture—equipping her to successfully navigate its infrastructure while working with TiltCP creatives to translate your brand identity into a unique, tailored campaign. By using a research-based approach to truly understand what resonates with your customer base, and maintaining open lines of communication with the rest of the team, Michelle can help guide your marketing to the next level.
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