Marla became the captain of her cheerleading squad at age 13 and has never stopped cheering teams onto victory. Over her 23 years as Co-founder and CEO of Aristotle, Inc., Marla helped brands get amazing returns on their investments in digital marketing and advertising. After working with companies in the Walmart ecosystem for four years, in 2017, Marla decided to do something big: she started Smart Media, LLC.

As a business owner, Marla has tremendous empathy for the pressures that suppliers face. She helps them develop marketing and sales solutions that make business sense and common sense. Marla helps suppliers see their products and campaigns through the consumers’ eyes resulting in higher product sales, ROI and greater ongoing success with each campaign.

Marla is a student and teacher of what supplier brands need to sell more products at Walmart including the seamless path-to-purchase, how to weave data into a story to fine-tune and target customers, consumer creative and design, marketing analytics and performance metrics for Walmart and She is brilliantly organized and helps communicate to her vast network how they can come together as a team and contribute to the success of the supplier no matter the challenging campaign effort.

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