Lindsey Pruitt is Bold Retail’s Lead Growth Advisor, responsible for creating partnerships between Bold Retail and companies looking to grow their business on Amazon,, or their own websites.

Lindsey spent seven years in business development at Shopper Events and Advantage Media. At Shopper Events she managed the company’s top three clients and was responsible for launching the General Merchandise, Neighborhood Market and assisted selling programs. She also launched the first traveling demo program complete with in market training conferences and model talent, as well as the first permanent in-store demo for the American Express Bluebird card.

At Advantage Media, she was hired to build a Client Service team as well as perform the role of lead Business Development Manager as hire number two for the Walmart team. Then, she went on to become the top Business Development Manager at the company for the remaining two years leading new partnerships with external service providers as well as shepherding the creation of new processes and procedures.

Always interested in the next creative solution to shopper marketing and inspired by the start up mentality, Lindsey joined Bold Retail and has been loving experiencing aggressive growth alongside clients!

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