Bio: Fueled by Saturday morning cartoons, comic books, punk rock & sugary cereal Kenneth Siemens emerged from the depths driven to bring excitement back to the world of retail. Often referred to as a Daywalker, Kenneth can follow the corporate line to delivery while maintaining an over-the-top creative passion that has given him an amazing track record of incredible, innovative programs both in-stores and out. After leaving the corporate world, Kenneth set out to create an agency firmly planted in the space of making an impact. Making big ideas bigger and then helping guide them through the journey to bring it all to reality at scale.

Story: Originally from California, Kenneth Siemens is also a local artist & muralist, He created Explorers, the Tiger and Space Girl piece off the square, and the Pedaler installations down the street as well as a giant Robot on the local greenway. So knows how to sell in a big idea.

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