Jennifer empowers and supports others to live the life of their dreams. As an entrepreneur who has worked for the largest retailer in the world, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and expertise to the brick-and-mortar and online business worlds.

In just three short years, she took her own business from zero to half a millions dollars. Her portfolio now includes multiple multi-million dollar clients who are now earning as much as six figures a month. She is also working less; working smarter; and getting out of her own way in her business so that she can get her time back and do the things that she loves: taking care of herself, taking care of her family, and giving back.

With more than 10 years of experience working in retail at Walmart Home Offices, as a supplier, as a broker, and as a marketer, Jennifer has a unique combination of business savvy and strategy that she provides to every one of her clients. She has successfully placed million, multi-million, and even billion-dollar companies on the shelves of Walmart stores - leading them through their presentations from start-to-finish, helped grow their sales, added more SKUs, and expanded to all of Walmart’s stores across the country. Jennifer’s solutions also include expertise in optimizing Amazon listings efficiently and according to current industry best practices as established by Amazon, as well as the use of Amazon’s Seller Central to ensure ownership of our client’s product listings through brand registration. She loves to share her expertise and teach retail suppliers how to grow and expand their sales with the largest retailers in the world.

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