Blake has worked for and with some of the largest ecommerce companies in Arkansas, growing teams and building digital products that have been used by millions. He now directs product at Gemini Development and serves as CTO of Hayseed Ventures.

I have the unique perspective of a technical background but a passion for marketing and user experience. I've built and honed these skills by working as a developer, a project manager, serving as a CTO and building an agency from the ground up. I intimately understand the the needs of clients and can relate these to a development team. Translating business needs into technical requirements is my speciality.

I bridge the gap between stakeholders and developers, helping to iron out requirements, assess scope and then track the projects through to completion. I'm passionate about developer-stakeholder communication, agile tools and creative solutions to tough problems.

I have a varied array of skills that run the gamut from agile project management, user experience, user persona creation, software architecture, social media planning and strategy, software development and client facing consulting. I'm well versed in email marketing, paid social advertising as well as SEO and organic social advertising. Working across the board for several ecommerce companies has helped me round out my skills to be an ecommerce expert.

My biggest passion lies in the realm of user experience and information architecture. With this UI/UX obsession comes an eye for industrial design and a critical outlook on product design in everyday life.

I am also passionate about social media and the impact that networking can have on the realm of technology. Paid advertising is one of my side-skills that has helped me create better products and understand how to acquire customers to these digital products. Understanding user retention, conversion rates on ads and retargeting leads to better products.

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