Andy Wiseman is SEO of Redwoodventures LLC, which has become known and loved for taking to market leading-edge brands in the juvenile products and arts and craft categories, and is a leader in pioneering 3D printing technology for kids, artists, and makers of all ages. His company does business in more than fifty countries around the world, in every major world market and under Andy\'s leadership, has developed unique, proprietary IP, including dozens of patents, trademarks and a wide variety of copyrighted works. Andy and his Executive Team at RedwoodVentures have developed a network of international distributors that actively engage retailers on every continent toward growing Redwood\'s interests abroad.

Andy has held leadership roles at industry-leading sporting goods and toy manufacturers, and driven meaningful turnaround results at a private company. He has an unfolding history of success with every major retailer in North America, including Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Amazon and many key regional and online retailers, and in varied retail classes, including drug and dollar.

Andy builds businesses, brands and companies and specializes in understanding unique and untapped consumer needs, developing brands that support those needs, and in marrying those brands to retailers’ goals for growth around the world.

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