In addition to being President of Bold Retail, Inc., Allan's a proven global business leader with over 80 successful CPG launches and experience in 22 countries - from Siberia to Saudi Arabia and all points in between. Allan's general management and eCommerce leadership experience includes well-known brands like Downy, SK-II, Braun, Gillette, and many others. His skillset seamlessly blends Fortune 50 Brand & General Management, eCommerce, Shopper, and Information Technology.

Allan's career started in the US Army and Operation Desert Storm, an experience that he credits with the "fighting spirit" that he brings to every mission. He later spent 15 years at Procter & Gamble starting first in the Analytics group, moving into Brand Management, and eventually leading the company's Global Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) eCommerce business.

Since leaving P&G, Allan's focused on helping both small and big companies accelerate their eCommerce growth on,, and on their own websites. He co-founded Bold Retail with the intent of developing a new eCommerce growth model that combined the key strengths of both big and small CPG companies. It's worked - on average, Bold Retail has been able to grow clients' items 150% in the first 3 months after relaunch!

Finding an expert with "hands on" technical eCommerce expertise and the insight that comes from first-hand experience as a brand-builder and general manager is rare. Allan is that expert.

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