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Lyd: Spill-Proof Bottle Opens at the Touch of Your Lips

LydThere’s nothing worse than starting your workday with a fresh coffee stain. It doesn’t matter what type of cup or bottle you choose – there’s a risk of a spill every time you bring the cup to your lips. Lyd’s unique technology promises to keep you clean and dry no matter how bumpy your commute is. Lyd is a bottle that only opens when your lips touch the lid. You’ll no longer have to worry about loose caps, tops, or lids.

With just one hand, you can bring Lyd to your lips and take a sip. It’s that simple. There is not a direct spout, so you can take a drink from any side, just like you would from a glass. This feature is powered by a touch sensor in the lid.

Lyd’s technology runs on wireless charging. One charge will last a few weeks. If your Lyd is dead, there is a mechanical lock that will keep you protected at all times.

LydThe bottle is also vacuum sealed. This will keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Each bottle is made with double-walled steel. This makes each Lyd nearly indestructible. Lyd is also eco-friendly. All materials used during construction are taken from reusable materials, and this bottle can be used again and again. Lyd comes in a 13 and 17 fluid ounce bottle, in your choice of black, silver, or red.

Many people are turning to reusable bottles and travel mugs to reduce waste in the environment. Not only does Lyd allow you to save on plastic materials, but the bottle also protects you from all spills and accidents. Preserve your work outfit (and our environment) with Lyd’s unique technology.