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LogicInk: Programmable, Temporary Tattoos That Monitor Your Body and Environment

LogicInkYour skin is your largest organ. It’s alive, constantly changing, and knows a lot about your health at any given moment. Unfortunately, it can’t just come out and tell you what’s happening. But LogicInk can.

LogicInk is wearable tech that lets you know when you’ve had enough sun and need to cover up or go indoors. But that’s not all. The scientists behind LogicInk are hard at work developing sensors that can alert you to hydration, air pollution, alcohol intoxication levels, DNA information, and so much more.

LogicInk is patent-pending, requires no app or external equipment to use, and causes no permanent alteration of your skin or body. It works by chemical reaction: the ink in LogicInk is light sensitive. The two circles that make up LogicInk’s UV sensor monitor both cumulative UV exposure and current level of sun exposure. The larger, outside ring keeps track of how much sun you’ve had in total, turning from purple to pink as you stay in the sun. The smaller, inside ring starts out white and alternates between white and pink depending on the current strength of UV radiation. So it’ll be white when you’re in the shade, and dark pink if you are in full, midday sun.

LogicInk UV sensor tattoos are available for use and purchase right now. The company is in the process of securing funding to further research and manufacture temporary tattoos not only for consumer use, but also for medical use in diagnosing diseases that occur frequently in the developing world, such as malaria.