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Leveraging Conversational AI For Shopper Marketing

There’s more to shopper marketing than coupons and samples, and if you wait until your shopper is already in the store, you’ve already lost the battle. Technology has changed the way people learn about and acquire everything from socks to real estate. You have to meet them where they are, with information relevant to them, at a time when they are receptive to your message. The “best practices” ground is always shifting. You need to stay nimble, connected, and aware and on March 12, 2019 Supplier Community brought together a group of shopper marketing rock stars from a variety of suppliers, agencies and service providers to help participants do just that.

In this video, Valassis Digital VP of Sales Jason Kaplan talks with Mike Balducci, Valassis VP of Strategy and Vic Fatnani, Co-Founder and General Manager of AdLingo through the Google Area 120-product incubator as they discuss their partnership, which leverages conversational AI to bring innovative ideas to their retail partners so they can “stop selling and start helping.”

Topics Include:

• Will AI be tomorrow’s brand influencer?
• Personalization through AI ads
• Raising completion rates with AI
• The future of AI advertising
• Q&A