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KuploK: Picnickers Shouldn’t Have to Be Jugglers

photo-carouselBackyard barbecues. Pool parties. Tailgating season.  Good times, no doubt, but these events share a common problem. You go through the buffet line, fill your plate with food, wander off to find a place to sit, and, if you find one available…back you go to find a drink.  OR, there you stand with your plate and your cup of soda, with no hand available to, you know, eat.  It’s just awkward.

a2affae790d9a5bdda524e25cce87a8b_largeFrom Ft. Worth, TX, Michael Dawson & Steve Dawson have invented and patented a product that solves the ongoing dilemma: What do you do with your drink?

The KuploK plate is the answer. Genius in its simplicity, this plate has a secure cup holder on the bottom.  Made from FDA approved, BPA free PET plastic, it is both durable and recyclable.  It works with almost every 16, 18, and 20 oz disposable cup on the market.

3954d2c26e8bd737ae3aed20471bf61a_largeA simple squeeze at the top part of the cup, near the rim, allows insertion into the locking rails on the underside of the plate. Release, and a secure connection is formed from the locking rails and the outward force from the cup itself. With a Kickstarter campaign underway, KuploK is poised to fill their first order from their USA based manufacturing facility.  Pledge amounts start at $1, but a pledge of $12 will get you ten KuploK plates to get your party started, and shipping is included in the pledge.  Awkward problem solved.