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Kohl’s Amazon Deal May Not Be the Boon Everyone Thought It Was

Photo Credit: Mike Mozart via Flickr cc

After a disappointing holiday season, in which sales fell 0.2% instead of rising 0.4% as expected, Kohl’s is dealing with fallout concerning its Amazon returns deal. At the time the deal was made, it looked like it would be a boon to Kohl’s, bringing in increased foot traffic at the same time that the retailer was launching new brands that were sure to convert traffic into sales. But that didn’t happen, at least not during the holiday season.

Kohl’s tie-up with Amazon was supposed to be a boon to the department store chain, which is teetering between sales gains and declines.

But any benefits from accepting Amazon returns in its stores, and all of that expected new customer traffic, are now in doubt after Kohl’s released its holiday sales results Thursday.

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