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Kistler: Lightweight Aerogel Jackets Keep You Warm Without Weighing You Down


Winter has arrived. Even Southern states are seeing some very cool temperatures as we progress through January. You might have reluctantly pulled out your down coats or other thick outerwear to stay warm, despite the bulkiness of such layers. The team at Kistler wanted to improve the mobility of outerwear without sacrificing warmth. Inspired by NASA’s spacesuits, they created a specialized jacket filled with aerospace technology.

Each Kistler jacket is insulated with aerogel. The material was first created in 1931 by Samuel Kistler. It’s an effective insulator, more so than down. NASA uses aerogel in suits to protect astronauts from harsh temperatures in space. While aerogel is very lightweight, it is also bulky in size and stiff. Kistler took traditional aerogel and enhanced the material to be lighter, thinner, and more flexible.

There are four different jacket styles to choose from: Series R, Series 5, Series 3, and Series 7. Each edition comes in different colors. Series R and 5 are available in both men’s and women’s sizes while Series 3 and 7 are available in men’s sizes. While all Kistler jackets are thin, the Series R and 3 are 0.5 millimeters in thickness. These two editions can protect you in temperatures as low as 32 and 14 degrees fahrenheit. The Series 5 is 2 millimeters in thickness and can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees while the Series 7 at 3 millimeters can withstand temperatures as low as -320 degrees.

Kistler’s thinnest jacket weighs less than one pound. Even the Series 7 weighs less than two pounds. It’s an easier way to travel without sacrificing warmth or mobility. The jacket’s material is warm but breathable. Kistler jackets also repel water, keeping you dry in the harshest of climates.

You probably don’t have plans to travel into space anytime soon. But as the temperatures continue to drop, you don’t need to continuously dress in layers to stay warm. Kistler’s technology-filled jackets will keep you insulated anywhere.