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Kill Germs in Seconds with UVGLO, the Ultra-Portable Disinfecting Device

Our countertops, steering wheels, and door knobs are covered with an alarming number of germs. It’s an unsettling thought to process. These pathogens can include bacteria, mold, viruses, and fungus. Each one can damage our immune systems, leaving us vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. Rather than placing you in a sterilized bubble, UVGLO allows you sanitize the surfaces around you without cleaning supplies or materials.


UVGLO is a portable device that emits ultraviolet rays of light that clean any surface around you. UVGLO connects to your smartphone through the lightning port and is powered by your phone. You won’t need a battery to charge the device. Simply plug it into your phone and in just ten seconds, you can vaporize all dangerous pathogens around you.

UV-C light is a proven and efficient way to disinfect. Both scientists and those in the medical field use UV-C light to disinfect in hospitals and labs across the world. UV-C is also known to kill dangerous bacteria such as Staph, E.coli, and Salmonella.

UVGLO is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The device works at 0.4W and is extremely energy-efficient. UVGLO uses about the same amount of energy as an application on your phone. UVGLO can be used to sanitize door knobs, toothbrushes, cutlery, electronics, and personal items. Just hold UVGLO about half an inch over a surface for 10 seconds to sanitize.

There’s no need to tote around hand sanitizer or cleaning materials with an UVGLO in tow. UVGLO allows you to clean effectively without worrying about harmful chemicals or putting in the physical labor. One UV light bulb will last about 5,000 hours.

You don’t have to be a self-professed germaphobe to purchase a UVGLO. This small yet powerful device allows you protect your immune system with a simple wave from your smartphone.