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Kai: Voice-Activated Personal Assistant You Wear Behind Your Ear

KaiToday I learned that when brewing coffee in a French Press, you should let it brew for 7 minutes. Setting a timer for that activity is just one of the things you can do with Kai. Just say “Ok, Hound,” and Kai takes your commands and queries and obeys and answers.

Kai efficiently turns your existing glasses into smart glasses, giving you all the geek cred and none of the bulk, expense, and obtrusion of the smart-glasses we all know about. A silicone-covered unit measuring a scant 4cm long by 2cm high, Kai weighs only three and a half ounces. The earpiece of your glasses threads through Kai via either small, medium, or large holes that anchor the device securely behind your ear.

Have access to every function of your phone just by tapping the unit and saying the words “OK, Hound.” Send texts, hear the weather, control smart-home functions…do any of the things you normally would with your phone, and then some, including sending instant voice memos to other Kai users. Kai plays music and can tell you the song. It reads your email and schedule, navigates you, does Google search, and yes, you can even make calls and hear voicemail.

As with most things tech, Kai interfaces with your phone via an app, called Glimpse, for both iPhone and Android. And Kai is not only bona-fide 21st century high-tech gadgetry, it is especially effective for the visually impaired, giving such individuals access to smart-phone connectivity and convenience like never before.

In addition, this device is discreet. Its proximity to your ear means you and only you hear what it says, thanks to its utilization of bone conduction speakers — the same mechanics behind modern hearing aids.

In the event you have perfect eyesight, Kai comes with a pair of glasses with clear, non-prescription lenses.