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Innovative Security System – So Smart You Might Forget It’s a Machine

6cee6be4d8cd9329271831c9dc4ab2ee_originalBuddyGuard Flare is an all-in-one, distinctive new innovation in home security. Totally customizable, Flare is attractive, easy to use and easy to install.  With the ability to sense motion up to 33 feet or recognize a face up to 10 feet away, it can be mounted directly in front of the door or to the side.  Simply turn Flare on and it will detect available WiFi signals.  Download the app and enter your WiFi password to connect, then introduce yourself to Flare by taking photos of your face and talking to it, supplying the information it needs to keep you and your home safe.

Multiple units can be used for homes with more than one entry point, and they communicate with one another using WiFi and Bluetooth.  BuddyGuard also uses IFTTT technology to connect Flare with other products and apps, allowing you to create if/then recipes and choose how your Flare reacts when you have been recognized by the system.  This increases Flare’s customizability to make it the right system for your lifestyle.  Constant communication between Flare, the BuddyGuard Cloud, and the app provide continual monitoring, and in case of internet loss, Flare switches to a 3G connection to maintain uninterrupted contact with the BuddyGuard Cloud.  Flare can be used with either the cord or its rechargeable battery, which will last up to 3 weeks and inform you when it is low.  It charges overnight on a USB charger similar to that used by a cell phone.

ebb9e61d34a356b583d6e699eb955ec7_originalFlare works with multiple sensors to keep your home secure. An HD camera analyzes facial features to make sure everyone entering your house is supposed to be there.  It also records and takes snapshots in the event of a break-in or other unwelcome occurrence.  A motion detector, which uses infrared for recognition at night, can also distinguish your pets.  A microphone detects unusual sounds and takes voice commands.  It even has a loudspeaker that can make it appear someone is home when you are away by producing sounds associated with your household.  The temperature sensor identifies temperature changes in the area of the unit, and a  siren can be set to sound if someone breaks in.

Flare activates automatically when you leave your home.   When you return, Flare senses your smartphone to verify that you have returned.   If your phone is dead or not with you, Flare gives you approximately 20 seconds to speak or show your face for recognition. Once it has verified your identity it deactivates, automatically covers the camera and turns off the microphone to protect your privacy.  If you prefer to have it on, you can put Flare in night mode to keep it active.  Flare allows you to decide which systems within it are active when you are home.  You can also add family, friends and acquaintances to the Security Circle at different access levels.  Their  photo and voice will be recorded so Flare will recognize them whenever they are present in your home, and by downloading the app, they can be identified by the geolocation of their phone as well.

1de58959b4062a6d8236ef38b6a840eb_originalAnd for added confidence, Flare offers safeguards within the system. If someone forces you with them into your home, you can use a pre-set “emergency word” that will notify Flare you are in danger and trigger it to discreetly call 911.  It also includes an accelerometer which detects if the unit is touched or tampered with, immediately recording the event.  Any loss of  connection will indicate that something is wrong, and it will sound an alert of your choice. You can program Flare to notify a designated alternative in the case you are unavailable or to immediately alert authorities.  And you always have the option of telling Flare that it’s ok.

Flare is so smart you might forget it’s a machine.  You can even tell it when you will be on vacation to keep it activated for extra protection while you are away, and greet you with your preferred welcome message when you return.