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Improve Your Posture with Giiro, the Standing Desk Coach

GiiroThose of us who work in an office are familiar with standing desks. These unique pieces of furniture allows employees to improve their circulation and overall health by standing throughout the work day. Sitting for eight hours can be detrimental to your health and posture. While there are many benefits to using a standing desk, the furniture does not mean your posture will immediately improve. Some people may need help to get their posture in line.

That’s where Giiro steps in. Giiro is a personal posture coach that monitors and corrects your stance. This smart assistant is positioned on your standing desk and keeps tabs on you throughout the day. Giiro’s companion mat uses 600 sensors to monitor your weight and posture. The sensors will notice when you shift or slouch. Once that motion is detected, Giiro will remind you to reposition yourself. Giiro will also mimic your movements to show you how to stand correctly.

Giiro’s mat is crafted from eco-friendly PVC materials. The mat is designed to relieve pressure and stress from your feet while monitoring your movement. It can sense more than 1,000 levels of pressure. This smart coach won’t miss a beat. Giiro will also remind you to stretch occasionally and offer you different stretching examples through a companion app. The companion app allows users to monitor progress and watch stretching and exercise videos.

Giiro offers feedback in real time, so there’s no need to worry about standing in an incorrect position for more than a few seconds. In addition to vocal feedback, the robot’s facial expressions will also alert you to any wrong movements.

If your child is interested in a standing desk of his or her own, Giiro offers a kid-friendly version of the smart coach. Giiro Kid comes in yellow and black and offers the same features as the adult-version. It also comes with stickers to personalize the robot.

There are a number of benefits to owning a standing desk. But to reap all the benefits, office workers will need to do more than just assemble the furniture. Giiro allows users to monitor and improve their health with a simple app and digital coach.