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How to Heat Up Marketing Impact with Data-Driven Personas

The rapid explosion of new technology has changed human behavior, and it’s important for marketers to keep up. In today’s world, traditional marketing personas aren’t enough to reach the modern consumer. Brands need to bring more data, including machine learning, into the picture to truly understand audiences and their moments. In today’s market, your audience’s experience is key, and being smarter about their needs and behavior allows you to meet those needs more effectively, making them more likely to respond positively to both your brand and your messages.

Now, it’s still possible for brands and agencies to create personas that reflect modern behavior. Broad brush strokes can give us, for example, “Mary,” the Millennial mom who is also an early adopter of technology, prioritizes family but also plans the occasional ‘me’ time, and leans heavily on her mobile device and apps throughout her day. In this persona, we gain a good sense of Mary’s personality—who she is—but we haven’t addressed the how, when, and where yet.

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