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HANANAS: The Pineapple Slice That Solves Flip Flop Disasters

1fd5ab7b3f5bbd9f47c02702b30abe98_originalHave you ever thrown away a perfectly good pair of flip flops just because the strap came out of the sole, leaving an otherwise intact pair of footwear useless, and an otherwise enjoyable outing ruined, while you are forced to hobble around barefoot or unexpectedly fork out money for new ones?

Having experienced this problem (which they refer to as “Flip, Flop & SNAP”), the designers of a clever new product set out to solve the age-old dilemma.  According to the creator, the concept and name, HANANAS, were inspired by a tropical fruit to which they added an H at the beginning because, as they have disclosed, “’we’re THAT cool.”  Of course my first thought was a banana, which didn’t make much sense considering their multiple references to the pineapple.  So I did a bit of digging, and it appears that in most languages other than English and Spanish, our common pineapple is actually known as an ananas, thus the name, HANANAS.

There are two things that make this new product stand out.  First, is its simplicity.  HANANAS are simply a patent pending disk, approximately 1” in diameter, that uncannily resemble a pineapple slice, made to slide easily between the bottom of the strap and the sole.  Much like a washer nut, it reinforces the sole, securing the broken parts and effectively averting your potential flip flop fiasco.  That’s it, problem solved!

photo-original (20)Secondly, a pair of HANANAS are fixed to a card, about the size of a credit card so they can be conveniently carried in a wallet or pocket.  And they even come in sets of three to encourage you to help your friends also avoid that dreaded flip flop mishap.

HANANAS is a perfect example of how sometimes the simplest solution to a common problem is remarkably effective,  and makes you just shake your head and say “Now why didn’t I think of that?”