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Grove Junior’s Lego-Compatible Electronic Modules Teach Kids How to Program

Grove JuniorTeaching children to program may sound like a complicated process that should be left to educators, but this technological toy is designed to begin building children’s understanding from the start.

Grove Junior consists of programmable electronic modules that help children learn STEAM concepts (STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). These building modules introduce kids to the wonders of programming and the rewards of critical thinking.

The design is deceptively simple. Grove Junior modules are all color coded by function. Use the modules to create input and output currents to bring creative ideas to life. Grove Junior comes with a total of 25 modules, which include a control board, a battery, sensors and actuators. All modules come equipped with a set of magnetic adaptors that hold the modules together.

Grove JuniorKids have the option to upgrade their gadgets using the Grove Junior App (a graphical programming app that lets kids program Grove Junior on their own tablet or phone with drag and drop blocks) and Codecraft. It also works with additional hardware like micro:bit, which allows for super cool and super small robots to be built in just a few seconds. Another great feature of Grove Junior is its compatibility with classic Lego building blocks via the Lego Base.

Programming can seem daunting at first for those just starting out, so Grove Junior has created free downloadable project sheets. Grove Junior is completely functional right out of the box, making it an easy and fun way to introduce children to the world of programming.