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Grasslamp: The “Window to Nature” Lamp

GrasslampA growing body of research shows that nature provides both physical and mental benefits.  Even growing small plants has been shown to have a soothing psychological impact comparable to that of meditation.

When Marko, an industrial designer, moved to the city, he missed the interaction he’d previously enjoyed with the outdoors.  His desire to create a “window to nature” started him on a path of experimentation that led a stunning blend of flora and multi-functional design. Grasslamp, a sleek modern lamp that also functions as a beautifully planned garden, lets you grow a variety of microgreens, wheatgrass, and edible flowers – with no mess.

The egg shaped lamp houses a power-saving LED light – your lamp, the plants’ light source. In the bottom, a seedling flat provides a soilless base through which air circulates to provide seeds and plants the oxygen they need to grow.  The clear greenhouse cover and germinating lid keep humidity inside to encourage germination and enhance the growth of the young seedlings.

GrasslampUnlike other indoor garden systems, which rely on pre-purchased pods, Grasslamp allows you to plant actual seeds. Simply soak your seeds of choice overnight in water. The next morning, spread them in a single layer across the seedling flat and cover with the germinating lid. For the next two days spray your seeds twice a day, making sure you wet each seed.  On the third day replace the germinating lid with the clear greenhouse cover.  Continue to mist your plants twice a day until they reach 1” tall, at which time you can remove the greenhouse cover.

GrasslampMade from quality recyclable plastic, this eco-friendly, contemporary lamp offers a steady supply of nutritious microgreens. These small edible plants (which come in nearly all varieties) have been shown to provide much greater concentrations of essential nutrients than the mature leaves of the same plant.

Grasslamp can be used again and again, and because it requires no dirt, it is easily cleaned by wiping it occasionally with a cloth. It comes with a standard two year warranty, and, according to Team Grasslamp, supporters and fans should be on the lookout for some new upcoming models and designs.