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GoSun: Cook Meals in the Sunshine with a Solar Oven

GoSunOutdoor enthusiasts usually turn to propane or charcoal grills to cook their meals off the grid. While this can be a simple solution for the backyard, it’s not feasible to pack a grill for a hike or camping trip. Fuel or charcoal can also weigh you down on your travels.

GoSun Fusion is a solar option to this timeless camping dilemma. It’s a portable oven that uses both solar power and electricity to cook food. Each oven is lightweight and compact, weighing only ten pounds. GoSun can heat up to 450 degrees and can bake, steam, and roast foods. Vacuum insulation helps cook the food faster while keeping in the heat. This insulation also keeps GoSun cool to the touch.


You won’t need direct sunlight to cook your meals. Each GoSun also comes with an electric heating element. The element uses 150 watts, the equivalent of a household light bulb. Simply flip a switch on your GoSun and get ready to cook. You’ll be able to whip up a meal at night or with overcast skies. The 3.2 liter cook tray allows you to cook up to five meals at a time. The food-grade stainless steel device is easy to clean.

If you want some reassurance, GoSun comes with rechargeable solar panels. You can also pick up an extra powerbank when you need some extra electricity. There’s also a 12 volt power plug that can give your solar oven a jolt of power.

GoSun is more than just a camping accessory. It’s a cooking device that can be used during emergencies or even as a way to save on your power bill at home. Pass on the fossil fuels and transition to GoSun as a sustainable cooking source.