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Get a Solid 8 Hours of Sleep with Clone Pillow

Clone PillowIt can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Millions of Americans suffer from sleep disorders, chronic pain, or anxiety. These physical and mental issues can keep you from getting a solid eight hours of rest.

If you suffer from any of these disorders, you’ll want to check out Clone Pillow. It’s a unique body pillow that conforms to your shape, giving you the perfect amount of support. Each Clone Pillow is filled with premium-grade memory foam and is perfect for side sleepers. The pillow eases and relieves back, hip, and knee pain while improving your alignment.

Did you know that one in fifty Americans overheat at night? Each removable Clone Pillow cover features a cooling gel panel. This material will keep you cool at night, which will also help you stay asleep. This technology is also beneficial in warmer climates or during the summer months. The case is made from 100% cotton.

In addition to helping you align your spine and hips, Clone Pillow is the perfect tool to help expecting mothers during their pregnancy. It helps pregnant women relieve pressure all over their body during rest hours.

Clone Pillow was designed with a size that helps evenly distribute your weight: 49 by 14 inches. These measurements keep your body aligned. The cooling gel panel is 42 by 11 inches. The pillow comes with a white cotton cover. The cooling panel is grey.

Some might turn to diffusers and ocean sounds to fall asleep. While these are good options, Clone Pillow allows you to truly get comfortable in bed, and in turn, get an incredible night’s sleep.