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Functional Sash Design Puts Purses to Shame

SashI’ll confess. I just gave up my heavy hand bag for a fanny pack. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t do it. They aren’t any better. I was trying to avoid shoulder pains, or having to switch it from one shoulder to the other while I was browsing the department store. This was not a fair trade. It matches nothing except my workout gear (sort of), it doesn’t stay in place, it emphasizes the weight around my waist; do I go above or below the love handles?

It was divine intervention. I saw Sash and knew my purse prayers had been answered – because Sash isn’t exactly a purse.

Sash is literally just that, a sash with pockets. Made to hug the body and distribute the weight of our everyday purse contents evenly up one side of the sash and down the other, the lack of a deep center makes this as comfortable as possible.

SashThe 10 organized interior pockets are stacked up the sides, with the center of Sash left empty so it lies flat against your hip. Roomy outside pockets allow easy access to things like phone and keys. You can ditch the purse within a purse that is the wallet – Sash has one built in. It’s dual-sided: flip it to the opposite side, and you have the exact same bag, just in a different color. The strap is adjustable with a snap button system. It comes in leather or cloth materials.

Sash is hands-free like a fanny pack, but still makes a fashion statement like a nice purse. No digging, no shoulder pain, no cramping your style with fanny packs that match nothing, no consequences for wanting to carry around the items we find ourselves needing throughout the day.