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Fresh Flip: The All-in-One Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I haven’t cared for a cat since I was a teenager, but I’ll never forget cleaning out the dreaded litter box. It’s messy, unsanitary, and generally just an awful experience. It’s a chore that cat owners have to experience each day. There are several self-cleaning litter boxes available but they can be expensive or simply difficult to use. Fresh Flip is a self-cleaning and odor-eliminating litter box that does all the work for you. The device might even convince dog lovers to adopt a cat.

Fresh Flip almost looks like a kennel crate. It includes the litter box, a platform, litter mat, a scoop, container, and deodorant. The platform allows your cat to jump into the litter box but also houses the scoop and container. When you are ready to clean, simply remove the platform grate and flip the litter box over into the container. The scoop also works as a filter and catches all lumps within the box.

The platform catches stray grains of litter from your cat as he or she leaves the box. When you are finished cleaning, you can flip the container of reusable litter back into the box. This easy cleanup process keeps litter off your floors and furniture. And you don’t have to worry about inhaling the mess from the litter box. Fresh Flip takes care of the nitty gritty cleanup when it comes to your cat.

Fresh Flip

Fresh Flip also uses a special deodorant that is dispensed onto the litter. This keeps your home smelling fresh and encourages your cat to take care of business inside the Fresh Flip box. You can order deodorant from Fresh Flip or use your favorite powdered deodorant from home. While you can use any kind of cat litter with Fresh Flip, the team recommends using regular clumping litter. Smaller litters are easier to filter through the system.

Cat lovers can choose either a purple or blue Fresh Flip system.