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Evolution: The Hoodie Made of Used Coffee Grounds and Discarded Plastic

Evolution HoodieConsumers are demanding more sustainable products, including foods, packaging, and clothing. The team at Coalatree decided to use a combination of discarded coffee grounds and melted down water bottles to create a unique, lightweight, and sustainable material. This material has been used to craft the Evolution Hoodie.

There are a lot of benefits packed within this unique hoodie. The material is lightweight, wicks away moisture, and even protects you from UV rays. The Evolution Hoodie is also naturally odor-resistant, meaning sweat and body odor won’t linger in the fibers.

There are more than 20 features packed within this hoodie that make it perfect for both travel and everyday wear. The material feels like a soft, warm, lightweight fleece. There’s a secure, zippered pocket that allows you to safely store your wallet, phone, or any other valuables. It’s the perfect tool to protect you from thieves while traveling.

When you are warmed up, the hoodie folds into this zippered pocket to provide a travel pillow or pouch. This pouch provides travel pockets and a key and carabiner loop and has secure velcro attachments. The Evolution Hoodie also has an internal headphone port so you can listen to music with your smartphone through the zippered pocket.

Sizing runs from extra small to 2XL. There are three colors to choose from: oatmeal, maroon, and green. However, the brand recently crossed a major milestone on Kickstarter and will be adding black to its list of colors.

It’s no secret that plastic bottles are polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Coffee grounds also need a purpose after brewing. Evolution Hoodie provides an environmental solution while also keeping you warm and protected from the elements.