Retail Link Reporting: Fun with Queries

A query can be defined as “a question or an inquiry”. So what’s fun about them? Well, in the world of Retail Link, a well-aimed query can lead you to a world of key data that can accelerate your business… and winning is definitely fun.


Imagine a giant retail brain of which you can ask almost anything… as long as you know what questions to ask and how to ask them.

This class, taught by seasoned suppliers, will teach you what type of queries (many you’ve never considered) can be executed in Retail Link and how to most efficiently execute them.

You’ll realize that many of the business answers you seek are actually right there at your fingertips. Knowledge is power and believe us, you’ll leave this course much more powerful than you arrived.

In this course you will learn:

  • SWAS reporting
  • Custom group creation and maintenance
  • Traited and valid store listing
  • Future traited store counts
  • Intro to supplier performance scorecard
  • Instock visibility though SVIST
  • Understanding Markdowns

  • Authorized access to RL required
  • Attendees must bring laptops - wifi enabled and Excel required
  • Webcams are required for all webinars
  • ONE person per purchased seat
  • Dual monitors are recommended

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